Our Process

We have state-of-the-art equipment and use both wet-wash and dry-clean techniques, depending upon the application. We meticulously inspect the filters at the matrix level to make sure your equipment is protected. We do not charge for any cleaning on the filters we reject, and can provide necessary replacement filters at a discount. We are fully-insured for any product defects and guarantee our work.

What Kinds of Filter Cleaning is Best?

We are now using both high-tech dry-cleaning and water processes, depending upon the best assessment for filter service.

How Many Times Can A Filter Be Cleaned?

machinery (on most filters) that does not use water or harsh chemicals, which over time will break down the filter media thus making the filter useless after only three or four cleanings. With our dry cleaning machine, we have seen filters cleaned up to as many as 20 times and are still in excellent condition. This saves our customers even more money as well as keeping that many more filters out of the landfill.