Air Filter Cleaning

Saves Money, Increases Profits and is Good Green Business Practice

“The benefits of Star Fleet’s filter cleaning keep stacking up over the 25 years they have serviced us. Last year, they cleaned 235 industrial filters; we saved more than $15,000 in costs, taxes & shipping. They saved us over $1000 on new filters we purchased.”  Marty, Rio Bravo Co-Generation Plant, Lincoln

Filter History

In the never ending struggle to save money, air filter users have looked for ways to recycle their filters. For years, they have put up with throwing their filters in the dumpsters. Star Fleet Filtration has been cleaning air filters for over 25 years and wants to start cleaning the environment one filter at a time.

The Problem

In the past, you had one option available when it came time to change your air filters. You could throw them away, increasing the amount of non-biodegradable waste in our landfills, while you install a new air filter. Now you can use wet wash technology or dry cleaning technology to clean your air filters-in which Star Fleet uses both methods depending on the application. Now you have a new choice.

It is a well-known fact in the maintenance field that a new filter is less than 100% efficient. Not until the filter builds up a level of contamination known as a “precoat”, does a filter achieve optimum efficiency. Therefore, dirt entering and engine will do so by passing through a filter before the pre-coat has had an opportunity to form. This occurs during the first 20% of the filter life after which time the filter performs at maximum efficiency. The more often a new filter is used the more dirt your engine will ingest.

The Solution

How does the air filter-user solve these problems? He does it by cleaning his air filters with Star Fleet Filtration. A dry-cleaned or wet-washed filter is generally less than half the price of a new filter. Our process provides optimum filtration protection plus keeping the filter out of the landfill.

It’s Time to Breathe Easy!!

Now there is a filter cleaning system, a dramatic breakthrough in air filtrations maintenance that is revolutionizing the air filter industry. This unique patented system restores most paper air filters back to optimum efficiency. The process uses computerized controls, air vacuum, rapid vibration and rotation cycles to safely restore the air filter to its maximum operating efficiency.

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