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img_truck_filter150AIR FILTER CLEANING – Quality you can trust

Our 25 years of proven experience gives you quality you can depend on.
Filter cleaning is not new or risky. Our over 25 years of quality performance and satisfied customers has built a solid, reliable service that is environmentally friendly yet has excellent performance standards, backed up by laboratory tests.

We saved over $8,000 per year in direct savings with Star Fleet’s filter cleaning service and almost $2000 per year in tax savings, with 677 filters not disposed in the landfill. Great service for over 25 years.” – Chris, Tracy Disposal Services

What makes our service different?TRASH CAN

•   Proven track record -
•   Satisfied customers
•   impeccable service

PROVEN FACT: Cleaned AIr Filters protect engines BETTER than a new filter

new air filter requires 20% of its service life to build up efficiency (pre-coat) Until that time, dirt passes through into your engine. Dust chart-dry clean story – click here to download

Proven Fact: A cleaned filter with retained “precoat” is more efficient saving money/fuel

A dirty air filter restricts the air flow to an engine, causing a loss of power which consumes more fuel. An air-starving engine runs hotter, produces more smoke, and demands additional maintenance. This shortens engine life. A cleaned filter saves fuel cost, results in a more efficient engine and lengthens the time between engine overhaul or replacement. THIS MEANS BIG DOLLAR SAVINGS!

Laboratory Testing Report – read the report (click to download)